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Helping you with your applications every step of the way.

I offer assistance with graduate school applications, especially for JD or LLM programs, providing you with individual attention throughout the application process.

My services include brainstorming, creating an outline, editing your personal statement for creativity and accuracy, revising your resume, and providing support for other aspects of your application to get you into your dream school.

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What stories can you tell? What have you achieved? What do you care about? I will ask you questions to help reveal your best self.


Provides structure for your personal statement. After we brainstorm, we will organize your thoughts into a logical framework.

Personal Statement

A key component of your application, which should show your personality, draw on unique anecdotes, and trace a coherent narrative.


Highlights your credentials and work history. I will help you write a concise and well-formatted resume highlighting your most relevant achievements.


Scott helped me craft a compelling narrative and write a unique personal statement. In the end I was accepted at Columbia Law School for my LLM. Scott is creative and precise, exactly what you need for a personal statement consultant.

About Me

A trilingual graduate of Georgetown University Law Center.

I have helped LLM and JD students get accepted at several top law schools in the United States, from Columbia to Georgetown. I graduated from Georgetown Law and currently work at the Costa Rica office of Dentons LLP, the world's largest law firm. During law school I completed internships for a US Federal District Court judge, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and the Department of Justice (DOJ).

I speak Spanish and Portuguese and am currently focusing on cross-border legal work in Latin America.

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Scott Nielson
Scott Nielson, J.D.

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